Mobile Sharing of Hot Military Girls

Mobile Sharing of Hot Military Girls has never been easier. The new launch of makes easily uploaded videos and pictures directly from your smart phone, tablet or computer. We’ve focused on making it as easy as possible to help support the Troops by posting their nude, non nude or just regular pictures and videos to our site.

Thousands of military members past and present visit our sites every day. HMG being the leader in providing secure and friendly communities for those who want … More

HMG Requests “Fingering for the Troops” Videos

Fingering for the TroopsHMG Requests “Fingering for the Troops” videos. No faces needed to maximize the quantity of videos submitted for the troops to enjoy on our all new tube site that makes it easier then ever to upload videos and pictures directly from your smart phones, tablets and computers. Within just a few minutes you could easily shoot and upload your videos or pictures fingering yourself for the troops. I mean think about it, it’s just your pussy, no one would EVER know who’s pussy … More

Veterans Day Give-Aways

Applebees Veterans Day Appreciation

Veterans Day Give-Aways

Applebee’s – free meal, Nov. 11, 2014: Last year, Applebee’s served over one million free meals to military veterans and active servicemembers. Applebee’s is again offering a free meal to military veterans and active-duty service members on Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014. There will be 7 entrées to choose from, beverage and gratuity not included. Military ID or proof of service required. More.

BJs  … <a href=More

Sexy CamelBak Pictures Contest

Sexy CamelBak Pictures Contest

Sexy CamelBak Pictures Contest

Sexy CamelBak Pictures Contest is announced at HMG ( – We’re looking for the sexiest way you can add in your camel bak. Be creative and set up an amazing theme, props and military gear.

Try your best to make the camel bak the focus of the photo or video set. Your photo set or video can be as sexual or as clean as you want. Just get that camel bak in there and make it sexy.

Our first annual “Sexy Camel Bak Contest” will bring it’s winner $1000.00″ Focus for winning is 2 thing. 1.) Camel Bak Use 2.) Sexy That’s it. The set or video that displays the camel bak the most creative and is the most sexy will win the $1000.00 prize.

Know a sexy military girl? Have a camel bak a hottie you know can use to make her entry? Get your wife or girlfriend to pose for you. Someone is going to have $1000.00 extra bucks to play with, so share this announcement with anyone you think might be game for entry.

Then visit HMG to see all the girls who enter and be part of the voting process, everyone will have a link they can send out to get their friends to vote for them. Post this link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media sites you have. If you refer the winner of the contest and your not a full access member, HMG will gladly give you a full lifetime access to HMG.

To enter the contest send your photos (ANY Kind) and/or video to email: with a title of  “Camel Bak Contest” by November 31, 2014

HMG’s Military Wife of the Year

HMG's Military Wife AwardHMG’s military wife of the year award goes to Robin, a devoted sexy military wife spending her days alone while her husband is deployed and she prepares to give birth to their child. Here’s some questions and answers we posed to Robin.

1.)   What extra activities did you participate in high school?

So I was Ms. Robin J. at my high school obviously I wasn’t married. The school I went to was called Morgan Raiders High in Ohio. Could be hard to believe … More

Gia Nichole Owner of HMG in Maryland

Gia Nichole Owner of HMG in MarylandGia Nichole owner of HMG in Maryland to get some great pictures and videos all over the Maryland and Washington DC area. Gia Nichole is the owner and operator of and is proud to share herself with it’s loyal and growing members.

Gia has a huge amount of content on HMG. Her massive collection of videos can be found and enjoyed at we hope you take some time to comment on her posts … More

MTKL – Israeli Army Women Calendar

MTKL – Israeli Army Women Calendar for 2015 is under way and here at HMG, we love what their doing and how their girls are looking for this hot military girls type calendar for 2015. These guys know how to do it right!

For many of years the girls of the IDF have been very well known for their amazing looks and sometimes they hit the news for showing well, a bit to much let’s say in the amateur settings. But this Pro non nude IDF Army Girls Calendar is done just right and the girls look just amazing.

Any … More

Military Wives and Girlfriends Supporting

Military wives and girlfriends supporting their men while deployed and/or TDY to schools for training have been something that gets our military men and women through those tough times while away for training or deployment.

Most of us have spent time away from our wife, girlfriend or boyfriend/husband. In most cases there’s some sexy fun that can come with being away from each other, like naughty phone talk or live camming that goes a bit to the freaky side of things. Sometime I know it’s actually gotten me into trouble by not getting enough sleep because my wife and I … More

Marine Female Dancing Sexy and Getting Naked

Marine Female Dancing Sexy and Getting Naked

Marine female dancing sexy and getting naked video is of a hot young female Marine girl in front of her cam dancing in her Marine top bra and panties. The music is flowing and so is her body. She slowly takes off everything and gets naked for the folks at the ONLY exclusively military amateur porn tube site available.

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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial DayHappy Memorial Day to everyone who has and does serve our Nations military. We invite you to enjoy our website which is designed for sharing sexy nude and non nude pictures and videos in support of the Troops.

HMG has thousands of military members past and present who visit the site daily and share their photos and videos. When everyone shares, everyone has more to enjoy, so please take a few minutes today to share your past or present sexy pictures and videos for others … More