Military Wives and Girlfriends Supporting

Military wives and girlfriends supporting their men while deployed and/or TDY to schools for training have been something that gets our military men and women through those tough times while away for training or deployment.

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Marine Female Dancing Sexy and Getting Naked

Marine Female Dancing Sexy and Getting Naked

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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial DayHappy Memorial Day to everyone who has and does serve our Nations military. We invite you to enjoy our website which is designed for sharing sexy nude and non nude pictures and videos in support of the Troops.

HMG has thousands of military members past and present who visit the site daily and share their photos and videos. When everyone shares, everyone has more to enjoy, so please take a few minutes today to share your past or present sexy pictures and videos for others … More

Military Boudoir

Military BoudoirMilitary boudoir is becoming more and more acceptable and popular among military wives and girlfriends. HMG leads in the fight to make it acceptable and encouraged for our sexy wives and girlfriends to send and share sexy pictures and videos. Some call it boudoir.

I guess military boudoir is as close to nude as possible, but still very sexy. In the end, it’s sexy pictures and sometimes videos of a military wife or girlfriend specifically for their man in uniform. Here at HMG we encourage … More

Military Selfies

Military SlefiesMilitary selfies have been getting pretty popular. With good reason too, military selfies are awesome to look at. Be it from the inside of a high flying jet to the half dressed girls in their barracks. Military selfies get taken by the millions every single day. So HMG decided to make a place for us all to share those military selfies.

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T-Shirt Design Contest

T-Shirt Design ContestT-shirt design contest now open at Hot Military The winner will receive 10% of all sales generated with the use of the design. HMG is looking for professional designers and amateur designers to submit their design ideas to our T-shirt design contest we’ve just started.

Our t-shirt design contest is open until we see the design we want to use. But don’t wait forever because as soon as we see the design we want to use, we will close the contest. It as … More

Military Dating Site

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HMG Morns With Ft. Hood

HMG Morns With Ft. HoodHMG morns with Ft. Hood. It’s a sad day when our Soldiers turn on each other, and even worse when they harm or kill innocent people. We hope that those effected by the events at Fort Hood, TX shooting this evening have friends and family near and dear to comfort and protect them. We ask that anyone in a position to assist these people effected by this terrible shooting please reach out their hands to help in any way they can.

HMG … More

Navy Girl Fingers Herself While Driving

Navy Girl Fingers Herself While DrivingNavy girl fingers herself while driving video was uploaded on awhile back and I just now watched it. Holy fuck this girl is crazy, not only is the music blasting, she’s driving, she’s in uniform and she’s clearly horny. She somehow even manages to capture all this on video while she’s driving down the road fingering herself. HMG member will absolutely enjoy this horny Navy girl fingers herself while driving videos for sure. Makes … More

Military Wives and Girlfriends Sexy Videos

Military Wives and Girlfriends Sexy VideosMilitary wives and girlfriends sexy videos shared from multiple websites in order for her man to enjoy them. Youtube is a great way for sharing but your military wife or girlfriend can’t show any kind of nudity. Not to mention do you really want every one of her sexy videos viewable to the entire public? Probably not. Our 2 recommendations for sharing, posting military wives and girlfriends sexy videos is to … More