About Us

Hot Military Girls was started in 2007 and has been the world's largest community of adult military sharing since then. This is not a place to post content you do not own, it is a consensual content sharing site with no rules other than it must be consensual and be of legal age. The majority of our users share their content of themselves as a couple. Some guys share their wives and girlfriends only. There is a lot of girlfriends and wives sharing regularly. 

We DO NOT support posting content of ANY service members without their consent or support or allow posting of military members personal information or social media links. When we receive a request for content to be removed it is removed immediately. It is simple, this is an adult community just like fuckbook or other adult content sharing sites, but it's specific for military and veterans. 

What you can expect when you join and get full access:

  • Naked Military Girls Pictures and Videos
  • Naked Military Girlfriends & Wives Pictures and Videos
  • Naked Military Supporters Pictures and Videos
  • Access to ALL areas of the HMG website and its forums with over 10 years of posts

NOTE: This content is shared by the content owners if the content is discovered or reported as posted without consent HMG immediately deletes it.

Without full access you can expect:

  •  Military News
  • Military Videos
  • Funny Military Videos
  • Military Pictures
  • Military Topics and Discussions 
World wide community for all military members past and present. Community welcomes family members and friends of military as well. The ultimate online community for all things military. Voice opinions, start and manage your own blogs and groups based around your own interests and build a following.