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for HMG Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a

Effective Date: 27 Aug. 2018

Last Modified: 27 Aug. 2018



    1. The operative parties referred to in this policy are HMG Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a (hereinafter “HMG Entertainment, Inc.” or “Company”) and You, the User of this Site.
      1. HMG Entertainment, Inc. is the operator of the following Websites:

Hereinafter, when first-person pronouns are used in this Policy, (Us, We, Our, Ours, etc.) these provisions are referring to HMG Entertainment, Inc.  d/b/a the above Sites, or as any other Site that We may choose to publish in the future.  Additionally, when the terms “the Site” or “Site” are used, these terms refer to any Site published by Us, unless a Site is specifically exempt from this Policy.

      1. You, the User – As the User of this Site, this policy will refer to the User as “You” or through any second-person pronouns, such as “Yours,” etc. Hereinafter, the User of the Site shall be referred to in applicable second-person pronouns.
    1. This Privacy Policy describes how We use information received about You when You visit Our Site or when You subscribe to, or otherwise use Our online services.  This Policy does not cover any information that We may receive from or about You through channels other than through the use of the Site.


    1. We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify this Policy and Our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. You should periodically check for any modifications of this Policy by re-visiting this Web page and using the “refresh” button on Your browser.  You should note the date of last revision to this Policy, which appears at the top of this Policy.  If the “last modified” date remains unchanged after You have clicked the “refresh” button on Your browser, You may presume that no changes have been made since the last reading of the Policy.  A changed “last modified” date indicates that this Policy has been updated or edited, and the updated or edited version supersedes any prior versions immediately upon posting.



Visitors to Our Site and services will have multiple manners of interactivity with Us.  Depending upon Your level of interaction, We will collect different information from You.  The type of information collected is as follows:

    1. Members – Members are those Users who subscribe to Our services.  Should You choose to become a Member We will require that You disclose Your name, sex, a valid email address, credit card information if applicable, and any other information that We, in Our sole discretion, feel is necessary to create a suitable account. 
    1. Browsers - Browsers are visitors to the Site who never enter into any active data collection pages.  Any information gathered from Browsers is also gathered from Members.  This information is restricted to age verification via the Browser’s birth date, as well as cookies, IP Addresses, Referral URLs, and other passive information gathering devices. 


    1. Passive Collection – We may use cookies to collect information about You for various purposes to improve Our Site.  The information collected in passive information gathering activities may include, but is not limited to, typical administrative User data statistics.


    1. Active Collection – We actively collect information from You when You complete the online registration.  Please see above provision 3.1. 


    1. The primary use for Your information is to provide You with the services You have requested and/or paid for. We may also use Your information to deliver customized services to You.  Non-personal and aggregate information, such as that collected passively may be used to improve User experience on Our Site.
    1. We generally use Your information for the purposes for which You specifically provide it, for example, to ensure payment for membership or other services, if applicable.  We also may use Your information for administrative research purposes.


    1. We may also use Your information in displaying Your User profile to other Members and Browsers. When You create a profile, You should consider all of the content contained therein to be public information, accessible by anyone, unless otherwise stated.  Certain confidential information in Your profile cannot be viewed by others or the public, unless You choose to make it public by, for example, using Your name or email address as Your Username.  Confidential information may include Your name, address, and billing information.  Nevertheless, based on Your chosen privacy settings, Your profile information, pictures, and videos may all be public information. Although some of Your personally identifying information may not be made public, You should understand that there is a possibility that You may be identified through information You provide on Your profile.  For example, You may be visually recognized by someone who sees Your picture or Your description may be adequately detailed so that someone browsing the Site would be able to tell that the person is You.  Accordingly, You understand that using this Site places You in control of all of the information displayed on Your profile, and You are fully responsible for any consequences arising out of information You choose to publish.
    1. We may provide, at Our sole discretion, Your registration information to a third party service provider as a means of data processing, billing, and/or general fulfillment of Our services to You.



It is Our policy not to use or share the personal information about Browsers or Members in ways unrelated to those described in this Policy without also providing You an opportunity to opt out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.  However, We may disclose personal information about Browsers or Members, or information regarding Your use of the services or websites accessible through Our services.  We may do so for any reason if, in Our sole discretion, We believe that it is reasonable to do so, such situations include, but are not limited to:

    1. Satisfying any laws, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, regulations, or governmental or legal requests for such information;
    1. Disclosing information that is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating Our User Agreement or other User policies;


    1. Operating Our services properly;
    1. Protecting Ourselves, Our Members, and the general public. We will always cooperate with law enforcement authorities and governmental administrative or regulatory agencies.  We specifically reserve the right to disclose any and all information to law enforcement in the event that a crime is committed, is suspected, or if We are compelled to do so by lawful criminal, civil, or administrative process, discovery requests, subpoenas, court orders, writs, or reasonable request of authorities or persons with the reasonable power to obtain such process.


    1. Private-party litigants or their representatives and investigative reporters or journalists will not be cooperated with unless We have been legally advised to do so.
    1. If We have reason to believe that the User is not the owner of a credit card, even if the credit card use is authorized, We will provide information about You to the credit card holder.  We will absolutely provide Your information to the credit card holder if We believe that fraud is a possibility.  However, We do not require that there be fraud, as it is Our policy that the credit card holder always has an absolute right to access any and all of Your personal information.


    1. Anyone who violates any of Our designated anti-spam policies shall have their personal information made public.  If there is any investigation on any unlawful spamming, or any use of bulk e-mail in order to promote Your User profile, or any use of bulk e-mail in any manner that leads back to Our Site, or any one of Our Sites, We will cooperate with any and all parties completely and freely in order to see that Your bulk e-mail activities stop.


If You have selected so during Your registration, We may contact you concerning Your account or to provide announcements regarding updates, promotions, or offers. You may opt out of these announcements by contacting or by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of these emails, if applicable.  If You opt out of these emails, You may still receive system notices and other information that is specifically related to Your account. 
If You provide Your information to Us, use the Site, or subscribe to any of Our services, You will have created a commercial relationship with Us. Therefore, You consent to receipt of emails regarding Site events, notifications, and any form of advertising, marketing, or other solicitation that We deem appropriate.

    1. Any of Your information provided in a User profile, forum, group chat/message board, profile post, Member directory, instant message, or other related service should be considered to be public information. We do not, cannot, and will not act to maintain the privacy of any information that You provide on Our Site in any such forum or communication medium.



We take various measures to protect the transmission of all sensitive user information by making every effort to ensure the integrity and security of Our network and systems in storing certain User data in databases available only to Site administrators.  Other personal data, any disclosed billing information for example, is collected and stored off-site by a third-party billing agent.  Nevertheless, We cannot guarantee that Our security measures will prevent third-party ‘hackers’ from illegally obtaining this information.  We take all reasonable measures to prevent such breaches of security, but given the resourcefulness of cyber-criminals We are unable to guarantee that Our security is one hundred percent (100%) breach-proof.  You assume the risk of such breaches to the extent that they occur despite Our reasonable security measures.


We offer Our Members the opportunity to access or modify information provided during registration. To access or modify such information, contact Our Customer Service at


If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, You may contact Us at